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13th June 2019

Blog – 13/6/2019

Wow, haven’t done one of these in a while. *dusts off computer* Here we go… So, where have I been? Good question, person who asked no questions at all! I’ve… actually not been doing much. I’ve had my round of real exams, and I’m currently sitting ‘mock’ exams (PPEs that teachers photocopy and have us […]

23rd March 2019

Weekly Blog – 23/3/2019

Welcome back, Blog! It’s-a me, Mar— Hayden. It’s Hayden. Ahem. So… What happened this week? Well, quite a bit. Some of it… Some of it better than other stuff, admittedly. But… Here we go. First off, I gave up on my school iMedia project in the way I was doing it. I’ve moved to React, […]

16th March 2019

Weekly Blog – 16/03/2019

Hey. Once again, late, but don’t complain; it’s not been a few months since the last. So, I took Brad’s advice from my last post’s comments, and I looked into trying to make Spigot plugins for Minecraft servers to teach myself Java. But I ended up doing what I did for Java, which was making […]

2nd March 2019

Weekly Blog – March 2nd

Yep, I know. Three months late. Leave me alone.

1st January 2019

Happy New Year

Hey everyone! Happy new year! 2018’s gone so quickly… But I’m here saying hello from January 1st, 2019. So I thought I’d just make a few updates for you all.

19th December 2018

My Thoughts on Brexit

So for those of you who didn’t know, I’m from England. Which does mean that I am stuck in a country in the process of splitting from the European Union. And so I have decided to create an evaluation of it from my perspective, using the same format I use in RE assessments.

10th December 2018

Work Experience Overview

So. You might be wondering (though probably not as I had a max of 3 readers) where I was last week. Or last month, but we’ll go with last week. The answer: I was at work, working for a company in Sheffield called ESP Projects. They do managed IT, web development, and phone/internet installations. They […]