23rd March 2019

Weekly Blog – 23/3/2019

Welcome back, Blog! It’s-a me, Mar— Hayden. It’s Hayden. Ahem.

So… What happened this week? Well, quite a bit. Some of it… Some of it better than other stuff, admittedly. But… Here we go.

First off, I gave up on my school iMedia project in the way I was doing it. I’ve moved to React, react-router-dom, and a couple other packages for the work. But it makes my life 110% easier, despite the entire approach being complete overkill for what it is. Oh well.

Secondly, I got the results back for a Biology progress test that I did towards the end of November. Yes, I got them back 4 months too late. Fun. Well, I was in no way impressed with my grade, so now I’ve gotta revise more than I already was, which sucks, considering what my next point of discussion is.

Thirdly, I got the results back for one of the papers from that English Lit mock I took last week. And… Again, I’m not impressed. At all… I didn’t know the content for half of the test, so I ended up getting a 3- on it. Don’t fret, future employees, Hayden’s Brain™️ to the rescue! Honestly, all it needs is some heavy revision between now and… 8 weeks time. And if all else fails, I’ll just re-sit the exam next year. I’m waiting for the results from the other paper, though, so let’s hope it redeems me.

Apart from that, not masses has happened honestly. So… Yeah.

Short post this week, sorry. But that’s all, folks! See you next week.

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