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16th March 2019

Weekly Blog – 16/03/2019

Hey. Once again, late, but don’t complain; it’s not been a few months since the last.

So, I took Brad’s advice from my last post’s comments, and I looked into trying to make Spigot plugins for Minecraft servers to teach myself Java. But I ended up doing what I did for Java, which was making a Discord bot. I’m still a little disappointed with the lack of easy API consumption methods, but… Maybe I’ve just been googling wrong.

I also started on my first fully responsive project for School, for my iMedia. It’s for unit R085 (Creating a Multi-page Website) and all the code is up at https://github.com/eckington/youngh-imedia-r085. So go check it out if you want. I’ve built a templating engine and router based on current hash (/#/page/here becomes /page/here to the code), so that’s pretty cool.

I also did a Computer Science GCSE mock exam, and I came out with a grade 6. Not too shabby for the Year 10 in a Year 11’s class, eh? That was Paper 2, the programming side of things. I really need to work on my Paper 1 stuff though, but with the after-school revision sessions/lessons and my revision at home, I should be able to get a decent mark on it, though maybe not as high as my Paper 2. Oh well. It’ll be fine, I’m sure.

You may also have noted the change in design. I’m using someone else’s theme. Gasp! I know… Shocking, isn’t it? Well, that is in part because I’m working on a new theme, but my old theme had a lot of incompatibilities with Gutenberg, which I really enjoy using.

And today, I did probably the weirdest and most terrible ideas I’ve had in a long while. I had a cold shower. Intentionally had a cold shower. I think I need help at this point, guys… Well, if I do that more often apparently it’ll have health benefits. So maybe I’ll keep it up, not sure yet. But I can say one thing for sure; I didn’t come out and suddenly feel like hell had frozen over like I normally would. So that’s a plus.

Final thing this week, I made a YouTube video a while back that now has over 2k views! I don’t even understand how! But… Somehow… I’ve only picked up 5 subscribers from it. Oh well. Can’t win them all. And no… I won’t link to the video. Yet. Not until I’m comfortable with my content being looked through in a professional manner.

But yeah, that’s all folks. Stay tuned for another post next week if I don’t turn into a lazy teena— Waaaait a second…

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