Happy New Year

Hey everyone! Happy new year! 2018’s gone so quickly… But I’m here saying hello from January 1st, 2019. So I thought I’d just make a few updates for you all.


Christmas. The time for everyone to get together (unless of course you don’t celebrate it). It’s something mostly everyone can enjoy, a time of eating ourselves into obesity, a time of filling our bedrooms with the new things we receive from friends and family, and of course a time of spending… well… time with said friends and family. However, this year was the first Christmas we celebrated without the presence of my Grandma. For those of you who don’t know, we unfortunately lost her in April last year. While there wasn’t a massive air of sadness, it was definitely something I felt throughout the day. So instead of detailing lots about the time, I’ll wrap this section up by giving you a list of what I got given!

  • Overwatch: GOTY Edition for PS4
  • What Do You Meme? – A card game by the same people who made Cards Against Humanity
  • A set of really damned comfortable pyjamas
  • A small but very high quality notebook
  • A board game called Mainframe, which is a game about hacking.
  • Sweets & chocolates
  • A set of Einstein Puzzle Cubes. It’s like a rearranging equations thing, I think.
  • A phone stand which is sat on my desk
  • A copy of Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down
  • A Stormtrooper Tsum-tsum (like a little cylindrical Disney plushie)
  • GCHQ Puzzle Book 1
  • A SNES Classic!!
  • Some money

So all in all, just one or two things! 😂

New Year’s

So, this is more of a… ‘how I want 2019 to look’ kind of thing, but… In 2019, I want to do a few things.

  • There are quite a few friends I’ve been feuding with that I want to repair my relationship with
  • There are other friends who I feel I haven’t been supportive enough of, so there’s that too
  • Start properly doing my YouTube stuff (not posting that link yet even though you could probably find me pretty easily)
  • Try and find better coping mechanisms for stress than just throwing up a wall around me and being defensive as hell
  • GiT gUd At GaMeS
  • Improve my grades in school, I’m not really that impressed with mine so far…
  • Get a job. One I’ll get paid for regularly. I’m on DLA (Disabled Living Allowance) and my parents let me get a certain cut of it every time it comes in, but that’ll get cut off come the 13th of November, so…

And I’m sure there’s more I could think of, but I don’t want this to be a 20 minute read, so… Those are the most important.

The Future of this Blog

This brings me on to the last part of this post. This blog hasn’t been much of a blog for a while. Some of you might know I tried to do a daily blog quite a while back, and it didn’t work out. At all. So I want to try and do weekly blog posts this year. Starting from now on.

I guess, on that note… Stay tuned. New blog posts every 7 days (hopefully!). See you.