10th December 2018

Work Experience Overview

So. You might be wondering (though probably not as I had a max of 3 readers) where I was last week. Or last month, but we’ll go with last week. The answer: I was at work, working for a company in Sheffield called ESP Projects. They do managed IT, web development, and phone/internet installations. They also have a personal side called [email protected], which do software installation, malware removal, and things like that. They employed me for the week, and I was working, you’ll never guess where, in the Web team. They do web development & hosting support. I did a couple of pieces of work there for them, and learned some bits (mainly to do with WordPress plugins and themes, but some to do with CSS tricks) to do with Web Dev. I’d love to thank them for that, and for giving me the chance to work there. They offered me a summer job to do next year which I will most likely take up. But I think I found somewhere I clicked when I went there. So again, thanks. To Ian, Bradley, Ross & Houston for having me around for the week, and to the rest of the ESP Projects team for being so nice about it all.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this blog more updated from now on!

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